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Chrage off with HSBC Credit Card

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Chrage off with HSBC Credit Card

Hello, this is my first time posting here. I paid a charge off that showed on my credit report last month. Since I paid the amount in full, what kind of increase to my score am I looking at, if at all? Will it still show on my report as a CO? It was only for $100. I had thought I paid the account a long time back and it took looking at my report to realize I hadn't Smiley Frustrated.


I also have one other account that I owe and plan to pay as well as a student loan that I'm paying. Otherwise, everything seems to be in good standing yet I can't seem to get my Equifax score above 600. Any suggestions? Will it help to pay my other account in full or can I settle it for half and still get a good increase to my score?


I am very new and unfamiliar to how this works.

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Re: Chrage off with HSBC Credit Card

A paid CO/collection is looked at the same by FICO.  The only way it may help is if it was with the OC.  These amounts are factored into your overall utilization and when paid will no longer be. 


The only way for your score to increase significantly, depending on other negatives, AAoA, utilization, etc, would be to have it removed.

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