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Citi Goodwill/Dispute SUCCESS!

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Citi Goodwill/Dispute SUCCESS!

In April of 2020 I had called into Citi for my double cash card because I had just lost my job and needed a pause on my payments until I found a new job. The customer service rep was more than happy to help me and assured me the payments would be paused. The only problem is he didn't even set it up or made a mistake and it didn't go through. As a result 30 days later I get a call from Citi saying my payment is over 30 days past due and I need to make a payment. I explained the situation and they couldn't do anything about it but offered to setup the covid forebearance program again. As a result for the 3 months I was on the program Citi reported a 30 day late for all 3 months. My score dropped 80 points!


I reached to customer service again and explained what happened and how my score is messed up, what happened on your end they told me to mail them the original agreement with the first rep as proof and they would fix it. I didn't have proof I explained, he never set it up, I got no email or letter explaining what he did. They basically said to bad so sad and decided to drop it and let them age.


They did age and whethe effect was minimal on my credit score as of just two weeks ago. However it still bothered me that this had happened and I wanted them 100% gone. So I decided to try my luck again and called the executive office line directly. At first the rep there was a little frustrated that I called the line for this problem. I then explained to her what happened and she told me she would investigate the issue.


Fast forward to today and I got a call back from her saying she had the ability to pull the original phone call from April 2020 and she listened to the phone call and was able to verify 100% what I told her. She even shared the tape with other people in her department and they all unanimously agreed that the rep made the promise to halt my payment and just never setup the program or followed through with it. At this point she was very polite and nice to me becuase she realized I had a legitimate issue that no one at Citi would attempt to help me with. She told me she refunded all of the late payment fees for those transactions and would erase all late payments reporting from Citi! I'm super ecstatic and grateful to this lady for really taking the time to fix this for me. I am even more ecstatic because this completes my rebuild journey I now have a 100% clean report and the elimination of those lates put my score well over 750+. Now I will be able to enjoy my credit and will work to ensure this never happens again!


My advice with Citi and the executive office. First have a legitimate concern and second be super polite with them and they will hopefull return the favor in kind! Good Luck!

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Re: Citi Goodwill/Dispute SUCCESS!

Congratulations on your GW success. Thank you for sharing your story.
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Re: Citi Goodwill/Dispute SUCCESS!

Congrats on your GW success!!!

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Re: Citi Goodwill/Dispute SUCCESS!


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Re: Citi Goodwill/Dispute SUCCESS!

Congrats on your Citi goodwill/dispute SUCCESS . . . awesome 750+ credit score!

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