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Citi-Goodwill Success


Citi-Goodwill Success

Good news after checking up on my Capital One free credit report today.


After falling up to 120 days behind for several months back in 2015 after getting hurt at work, and catching up and still current now......Citi finally removed 9 months of late payments from 2015. After a year plus of sending goodwill letters, especially to their corporate office, and getting some of my letters returned to me telling they will stop opening mail from my return address....I used the saturation technique finally and sent them to every Citi address I could find including their NewYork corporate address. So I cannot tell for sure what address worked. 


It feels good to finally get this one done, now only if I can crack Capital One for the same time frame. I thought Capital One would be easy considering they never closed my cards when I fell behind, I am current and back to using them again. So we'll see after round 4 of Capital One letters go out this week.


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Re: Citi-Goodwill Success

Amazing.  Perfect example of how persistence pays off.   Great Job and Congrats!   

Any idea of what effect the removal of the late pays have had on your scores? 

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Re: Citi-Goodwill Success

Many many congratulations,


Can you message me those addresses you used. I am trying to get a charge off removed. Thanks

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Re: Citi-Goodwill Success

good job

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Re: Citi-Goodwill Success

Hi and congrat on the goodwill letter for citi bank.


I'm trying to send goodwill letter to citibank also, can you give me an example of your letter that works.



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Re: Citi-Goodwill Success

Congrats ! Just had to say...this post made me laugh once I got to "they said they would stop opening mail with my return address ". Shows how persistent you were LOL GOOD JOB! 👏👏👍

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Re: Citi-Goodwill Success

Well done and well-deserved! Smiley Happy

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Re: Citi-Goodwill Success

Congratulations, OP!

Gardening until...

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Re: Citi-Goodwill Success

This is awesome and congrats! I always get their generic letter back for a 30 day late so this gives me hope that one day it could happen.

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Re: Citi-Goodwill Success

Thank you, everyone. I just sent out another round to CapOne so hopefully, that will change also. As for addresses, just Google  CitiBank address. I don't remember them off hand and don't have them written down anymore now. 

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