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Citibank Idiots


Citibank Idiots

I am so tired of these idiots at Citibank.
I have disputed with them regarding an old account that is posting as a $501 CO balance on a $500 cc.  This should have been included in my BK back in 2003.  They have requested the same information from me three times via mail (copy of BK papers and copy of CR).  Which I have provided three times!
I called again today and they have no record of my three disputes....Idiots!!
I disputed with EQ and they came back and changed to be included in BK.  I have not disputed with the other agencies.
Should I dispute with the other agencys as account not mine or should I dispute as this should be part of the BK.  Reason is Citi can never find this account and therefore would never know anything about the status.
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Re: Citibank Idiots

Dispute & and give them the case # of the BK
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