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Citibank Student Loan Goodwill Success!

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Citibank Student Loan Goodwill Success!

Long story short, I fell behind on my first student loan account payment with Citibank because I was helping my family financially this spring. Thus, in May, I was reported for being 30 days late and suffered three deliquencies on my credit report (I have three separate loans through Citibank under my one student loan account). This caused my credit score to tank approximately 75 points. During this process I was trying to apply for economic hardship forbearance, which was granted just after I was reported to the credit bureaus. Thinking all avenues were lost, and facing the reality of having multiple deliquencies on my report for the next seven years, I turned to this site for advice.


I read some people's successes with goodwill letters and figured I'd try it out. I mean, what do I have to lose? I sent off an email directly to Citibank's CEO using an email address I found online on another feedback website. Thinking this was a lost cause, I arrived at work this morning to find the following voicemail on my phone:


"Hi Brian, this is [name removed] at Citibank Student Loans and I'm calling in response to your email ... . We have gone ahead and updated your credit bureau to remove any of the deliquencies, and it takes about seven days. If you get a credit report after that and it's still on there just call me back. I'll send you a letter you can use for verification. If you have any questions please call me back. My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thank you, bye."


Wow, not even a week had passed and I received this call! I've read some cases where responses took weeks, or months, to be returned. I'm ecstatic since I am looking to purchase a car next month, so this falls in at exactly the right time. I just figured I'd post this here because if any of you have lost hope, give goodwill letters a shot. And rather than email customer support, send your message right up to the top like I did (following advice on another site).


Thanks Citibank!! I'll update as soon as my report is updated.



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Re: Citibank Student Loan Goodwill Success!

I think you are the first person that I have read about that had success with Citibank student loans.  Congrats!  Would you mind PM ing me the name and email that you used?  I have a very similar situation and these are the only lates that I have left.  Thanks!

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Re: Citibank Student Loan Goodwill Success!

Hi, sorry for the late response, but I've PMed you!

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Re: Citibank Student Loan Goodwill Success!



Can you PM me the information tooSmiley Happy

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Re: Citibank Student Loan Goodwill Success!

I would LOVE that contact info as well, if you could PM it to me! I have four accounts so = 4 lates. It's crushed my credit! thank you!

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Re: Citibank Student Loan Goodwill Success!

One of my good friends has a 30 days late on her Citibank Student Loan account. Do you mind PM'ing me the contact information as well? Thank you very much.

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Re: Citibank Student Loan Goodwill Success!

I could really use that contact info myself. Thanks!
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Re: Citibank Student Loan Goodwill Success!

Congrats! It's always nice when you get an unexpectedly quick and positive response to requests for GW. Especially when you're expecting a smackdown or a long haul instead of good news. Smiley Happy

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Re: Citibank Student Loan Goodwill Success!

Could you PM me the contact info as well?

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Re: Citibank Student Loan Goodwill Success!

I think you're the first person that's ever had GW success with ANY SL company - nice work! SLs are the absolute worst and, of course, that's where all of my baddies are Smiley Sad

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