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Civil Judgement

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Civil Judgement

Have a civil judgement (NJ courts) for $1824 filed in 08/2005 - what is the best way to go about clearing this up. 
We did it...closed 1-28-10
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Re: Civil Judgment

I recently had a civil judgment in IL removed(Feb. 10, 2009).  I settled on a payment w/ the OC.  I completed a Satisfaction(Release) of Judgment form, and had the OC sign off on it.  Once I had the Satisfaction of Judgment form, I filed a motion to vacate the judgment.  That was it.


It was completely free.  You should be able to obtain the Satisfaction forms online.  I know court forms seem intimidating, but they are fairly easy to complete.  As far as the motion, I simply went to the Motion Counter at the courthouse, and they gave me a sample form to review so I could complete mine.  The whole process from settling with the OC and getting the judgment vacated took 1 1/2 months.


Good luck

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