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Clarification needed regarding disputing PR and business debt

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Clarification needed regarding disputing PR and business debt

I am helping a friend who had some tax leins. They are all paid off, but on EX they are each listed twice. Once showing paid, once showing unpaid.
She also has a judgment that is paid but is not showing paid. She has contacted the courts and they sent a letter to plantiff to sign saying judgment was satisfied but to date plantiff hasn't done this. Letter was sent on Jan. 2, this year. Courthouse clerk told her that if the plantiff doesn't sign the paper then the only option is for her(my friend) to take it back to court.
If she were to dispute these items with the CRA directly, who is contacted to verify? The way I understand it, it is whoever is reporting them(usually LexisNexis) this right?
Is there a better way to get these taken care of besides disputing with the CRA?
Also, when a business is ran as a general partnership or sole prop., the debts can/will be reported on the owner's personal credit report..........correct?
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Re: Clarification needed regarding disputing PR and business debt

All I know is that in a general partnership the owners are all personally liable for any legal actions and debts the company may face. With that being the case, yes, it can be reported on your personal CR.

The other things I do not know about.
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