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Class Action Lawsuit against Midland Credit Management

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Class Action Lawsuit against Midland Credit Management

I received a notice in the mail today about a class action lawsuit and settlement against Midland Credit Management.


Anyone else receive this notice?  I got Midland to delete my charged off Aspire visa a few weeks so I dont owe them any money but I thought I should post this for those of you that might owe Midland money. According to the notice eligible participants may be entitled to up to $1000 in debt forgiveness from Midland. I hate these class action suits cause the lawyers will get the bulk of the money and they leave the amount participants can get so vague  by saying "up to $1000". Might end up only getting a few bucks but hopefully it will be more.


Here is a copy of the legal notice:


Welcome to the Pepper v. Midland Credit ManagementSettlement Website

    If you received a telephone call from Midland Credit Management, Inc. ("MCM") during    the period from July 13, 2006 through February 18, 2011 while you were in California,    Florida, Maryland, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, or Washington, and were    not told that the call may be monitored or recorded, your rights could be affected    by a class action settlement A settlement has been proposed in a lawsuit called    Daniel Pepper v. Midland Credit Management, Inc., et al., Case Number 37-2011-00088752-CU-BT-CTL,    which is pending in the California Superior Court, County of San Diego
Who is Included? You are a Class Member if during the period from July 13,    2006 through February 18, 2011, you were in California, Florida, Maryland, Nevada,    New Hampshire, Pennsylvania or Washington (the "Covered States"), received one or    more telephone calls from and spoke with a representative of MCM, and were not informed    at the beginning of each call that the call may be monitored or recorded.   
What Is The Case About? This class action arose out of allegations that MCM    monitored and/or recorded telephone calls that MCM made in an effort to collect    debt without always giving notification at the beginning of the call that the call    may be monitored or recorded. Defendants have denied and continue to deny any liability,    and there has been no finding that Defendants have violated any laws.   
Summary Of The Settlement: Under the Settlement, Class Members who submit    valid and timely Claim Forms and are identified in MCM's records as owing money    to MCM will receive debt forgiveness of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000) of the    money owed by any such Class Member to MCM, with such debt forgiveness being applied    first to any older obligations before being applied to any newer obligations. Defendants    will also pay Four Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($4,500,000) as cash consideration    (together with the debt forgiveness, the "Common Fund"). After paying incentive    award to the class representative (which will not be more than $50,000), certain    administrative expenses (which will not be more than $1 million), and attorneys'    fees and costs that the Court will be asked to approve (which will not be more than    $3 million), the remainder of the cash consideration will be distributed pro-rata    to the Class Members, up to a maximum of one thousand dollars ($1,000) each, who    submit valid and timely Claim Forms and are not identified in MCM's records as owing    money to MCM. Class Members who are identified in MCM's records as owing money to    MCM will not receive any of the cash. Defendants may oppose Class Counsel's attorneys'    fees request.   
How Do I Make a Claim? Please click  here to file a claim.    
    You may read the Class Notice here. You may also find other information by    visiting the Frequently Asked Questions page and the  Case Documents page    located on this website.

            Case Relevant Events                    Date       
            Filing Deadline                   May 28, 2013       
            Exclusion Deadline                   May 28, 2013       
            Intent to Object Deadline                   May 28, 2013       
            Objection Deadline                   July 25, 2013       
            Final Fairness and Approval Hearing                   August 23, 2013       



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Re: Class Action Lawsuit against Midland Credit Management

Could you post the link to the claim form? The one in the post doesn't work. We were contacted by them during that time frame and owe them $806, doesn't hurt to fill the form out!! 

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Re: Class Action Lawsuit against Midland Credit Management

Here is a link to the page with all the info:

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