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Cleaning up credit

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Cleaning up credit

Hi, I am cleaning up my credit and wanting to stay on top of it for the rest of my life. In what manner would you do it. 1. Get 3 credit reports and go from there. 2. Join what???to monitor my credit report. Is there a 1,2,3 plan to get your credit going? thank you ..
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Re: Cleaning up credit

Welcome rainbow brite. Sorry to say its not 1. 2. 3. more like1.  have you pulled your 3 credit reports from annual yet

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Re: Cleaning up credit

annielorie wrote:

Welcome rainbow brite. Sorry to say its not 1. 2. 3. more like1.  have you pulled your 3 credit reports from annual yet

Definitely want to take a look at the three reports and see where you stand.  First thing is to identify all the accounts, address, name etc are yours.  If any information thats not there's a link to dispute the information that's not yours.  Second If you have any baddies (late payments, c/o's, judgements etc) start working on those.  Via Pay for Delete, & Good Will.  


Depending on your profile, number 2 can go quickly or sloooooowly.. but tuff it out, IT"S WORTH IT.

Third establish, reestablish yourself in the credit world.  Be honest about your finances with yourself  If you can't pay cash for it do you really need it?  Open up a CC or a secured CC like Capital One, Wells Fargo or Bank Of America.  The last two I've heard graduates from secured (requiring a deposit) to unsecured ( no deposit required)


Always on time, or before and try to Pay in Full as much as possibe, If you do have to carry a balance try and stay under 9% of your total credit limit.  


I think these are three of the basics you can do to get yourself on the right path.  Stick around this forum as there's an ABUNDANCE of information and help... just ask!!  I've been helped here by many so i'm just trying to pay it forward... 



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Re: Cleaning up credit

The first thing I would address are any unpaid delinquent accts.  It is not all just about trying to remove current baddies, it is also about preventing new ones.

Accts with monthly delinquencies can progress to a charge-off, collection, and if still within SOL, legal action.

Similarly, accts at charge-off status can mature to collections and/or legal action.  And so on......


Are they still within SOL?  Are they approaching credit report deletion date?  Do you dispute anything related to their reporting?

What is more important, avoiding further damage, or shooting for CR deletion?  Can you offer a PFD?

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Re: Cleaning up credit

Hindsights 20/20 but ill offer some advice on what i would do different. First get only real fico scores, transunion and equifax from
Here All other scores are irrelevant and in my case make you mad bc you would think tu site and eq site would give real ficos but they dont they offer fakos. I would then get either free or purchase cr and check em every 3/4 months or so. I checked em daily from 1/1/12 till mid feb and was very agressive removing items and this woulda helped me alot along with saving money. Once you find whats on your cr find a plan of attack, come here search/post ask whatever. we are all here for the same reason.
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