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Collection account back on report

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Collection account back on report

I had a medical collection on my credit report for my wife from 2003. I paid it off, then disputed it last year because it was her account and not mine. The collection agency removed it last year but they put it back on my report yesterday. Is this automated? Is it legal?  The reason it showed up on my report was due to her being on my insurance. At the time this was reported, she had her own insurance, the doctor tried to bill mine in error. Dr. does not exist anymore.



PO BOX 1154
BANGOR, ME 04402
(207) 973-6777
Account Number:
[Edited]Original Creditor:
Address Identification Number:
Status:  Paid,Closed/Collection account.
Status Details: 
This item was verified and updated on Feb 2008.
Date Opened:
09/2003 Reported Since:
01/2009 Date of Status:
01/2009 Last Reported:
01/2009 Type:
Collection Terms:
1 Months Monthly Payment:
$0 Responsibility:
Individual Credit Limit/Original Amount:
$75 High Balance:
NA Recent Balance:
NA Recent Payment:

Account History:
Collection as of Jan 2009



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Re: Collection account back on report

Do you have the investigation results that show this was removed due to a dispute? When you dispute with the CRA and the item is removed, you have to be notified by the CRA within 5 days of re-insertion.


However, the account states it was verified and updated on Feb 2008. Is this when you disputed?



Being this is medical, I think I would first attempt removal through the HIPAA process.

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