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Collection agency calling me at work!


Collection agency calling me at work!

Hi everyone...not very happy that National Credit Adjusters called me at work regarding an old Bank First charged off account. Here is my question...this account charged off in 2001 when I was on disability and my husband was laid off. The Bank First account has since dropped off but is still listed under NCA. The DOLA for NCA is 07/2001 which is coming up on the 7 year mark here real soon. Do you think they are getting desperate because they know they cannot report it after the seven years? Did I do bad by talking to them on the phone? No payment arrangements were made although he was really pushy..should I just wait out the next 2 months?  I am really trying to build my credit score back up. Currently in the mid 500's. Any advice would be appreciated..
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Re: Collection agency calling me at work!

if he calls again, ask for address to send do not call letter. let the 2 months go!
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