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Collection agency refuses to change DoFD after dispute.

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Collection agency refuses to change DoFD after dispute.

I recently disputed the Date of First Delinquency of a rental account with all three credit bureaus and the results have come back in with no changes taking effect. I provided documentation for my claims when I submitted the disputes.

I called the collection agency to explain that I had proof that the DoFD was December of 2012 and not October 2013, as they were claiming. The claimed that "rental debt is different, than say, credit card debt" and they're saying the actual DoFD is when I moved out of the property, also adding that I made a payment in July of 2013, meaning I wasn't delinquent in December '12.

Where do I go from here? The agency, obviously, recommended I pay the amount in full and they would remove it as if it were never there. I even offered to pay a lesser amount to remove it, but they wouldn't do that. My reasoning is that I might as well wait a year to remove it at this point.

I feel the DoFD is December 2012, as supported by my documentation, but I'm not sure how to fight it from here.

Thanks folks.
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Re: Collection agency refuses to change DoFD after dispute.

You can always make an informal request for recon, making your case, but you have apparently done that.


The FCRA dispute process is administrative, and does not include any formal appeal procedure.

After you have received a verification of accuracy of disputed information, you then acquire under FCRA 623(c) the right to file a civil action and get the matter before a court for full review, including discovery and consideration of all documentary evidence by both parties.

If you have completed a dispute through a CRA and still disagree, you now have the right to file your own civil action and get your position reviewed by the courts.

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