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Collection over 6 years old--pay?

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Re: Collection almost 6 years old--pay?

@jons998877 wrote:

I think it depends on your situation if you pay it or not.. Do you need the score boost in the next year?? What else is on your CRA??? And do you have the funds to toss at it or could it be put to better use??

I just wanted the boost but don't need it right now. I'd like to try for a USDA mortgage in the next year or so, so waiting the 7 months for it to age off is fine. No other collections, 4 charged off accounts (one is this collection OC), only 2 show a bal (and one is on a SIF plan already). 2 open positives, cap one and a retail through Comenity, never late. Money would better be used towards lowering my util and trying to pfd/sif the other CO showing a balance.


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Re: Collection almost 6 years old--pay?

Personally, at this point, I would just let it go. I'm not positive if collections work the same, but you may be able to request an Early exclusion next month with TU and in December with EX.

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Re: Collection almost 6 years old--pay?

I'd just let it fall off in that case, unless you have to pay it for other reasons.

Eventually you will have to do something with it, because CA can continue with attempts to collect indefinitely, but at least they cant hang reporting over your head

You'll probably have better luck settling it for a fraction of what you owe once it's no longer reportable 

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Re: Collection almost 6 years old--pay?

Yeah just let it fall and put towards more important things.

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