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Collection questions


Collection questions

So my gf has a collection on her account from ATT. I want pay it as soon as we can. Does it really make a difference in how soon we pay it though?

Also what are the chances that this could be deleted? From what I'm reading it seems like getting collections deleted isn't all that hard. She wants to buy a house soon and I know how this collection will hurt.

I can get info about what agency is and anything y'all need to know more about the situation.

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Re: Collection questions

Well, I'm fairly new here, but from what I've read, and maybe somebody will correct me, but a CA report doesn't get "worse" over time, nor does it get better once it is paid.  Once it's gone to a CA, it's at a CA and time stands still (rush fan, leave me a lone).  Your/her best bet to try for a PFD.  If you're willing to pay it, and it'll need to be paid before the mortgage is written, then try to get them to delete it upon receipt of payment.  There has been a fair amount of success on this board, from what I've read, about PFD's.


Good luck

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Re: Collection questions

Definitely try and PFD it! Even one small collection makes a HUGE difference in her scores.


You still have leverage with the CA because it is unpaid. Do not pay it unless they agree to delete it. You may have to try several times before it is successful.


Good luck!

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Re: Collection questions

PFD is the way to go here. It may take you a few times but it's worth the effort to try.
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Re: Collection questions

Yeah from what I've read a paid collection is basically no different than an unpaid. So is PFD just basically paying for the balance and then having them delete. I know I'd have to get them to agree to delete it before I pay but is it something that happens pretty often?

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