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Collections - IQ Data International - How did this happen and next steps

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Collections - IQ Data International - How did this happen and next steps

Hello all,

Forgive me in advance, as my head is spinning and I'm a bit peeved about all of this.


I just got an alert this morning that there had been a change to my credit score. 

I logged in and found that I have a new collections account by IQ Data International for $83.

My credit scored has dropped a whopping 45 points from 818 to 775.




I moved out of an apartment in Houston, TX on August 8, 2018. To my knowledge, I had no outstanding balance.

I was a resident there for 1.5 years and did not have to pay a security deposit, always paid on time, kept my renter's insurance current, etc. My apartment was clean as a whistle when I moved out. I actually moved out a day early (lease term was through August 9, 2018). When I returned my keys, I also included my forwarding address. 


Fast forward October 1, 2018: I received a forwarded piece of mail (was addressed to me at my former Houston address) from this collections agency. The letter was dated September 19, 2018. I contacted the leasing office at my old apartment that very day and left a voicemail and sent a follow-up e-mail as to what this balance was for, why is this the first time I was being made aware of it, and how could I have a collections account when I literally just moved out the month prior. To date, I still have not received any response  from the old apartment. 


My first notice of even knowing that I had some mysterious balance (how and why do I owe $83 remains a mystery) at my old apartment was a collections notice. How is this even possible? 


How do I go about correcting this? 


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Re: Collections - IQ Data International - How did this happen and next steps

The first issue to address is your rental contract, what provisions permit them to assert fees due upon termination of your lease, and whether you fully complied with all provisions of that rental contract.

You have a contract issue, and if you complied with all terms, then you can dispute any assertion of continued debt obligation based on your reference to your compliance with the rental contract.


You can also, outside of the credit reporting issue, contact your local or state regulatory agency that deals with landlord/tenant issues.

There may be statutes or regulations requiring their written notice detailing any charges asserted after lease termination.

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