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Collections Removed From TU

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Collections Removed From TU

I just had a collections account removed through a dispute (Mod cut - not here per Credit Repair Discussion Guidelines) only TU and saw no increase in my score for that beuru. My utilization is at 14% so I figured once I got that removed it would go into the 700s but it stayed at 680. I'm still thrilled though one less reason to get denied lol and figured I should report my success and I definitely recommend credit repair to anyone with collections.

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Re: Collections Removed From TU

Do you have any other negative accounts? It has been my experience that getting one negative item removed while still havings others has a negligible impact on scores. For example, I got a debt buyer collection deleted recently from all 3. On EX my score went down 5 points, but EQ stayed the same, and TU went up 20. TU had only 2 other baddies, while EX has 6, and EQ has 6. I think you stay penalized to some extent until your file is completely clear of negative items. Either way, you are making progress towards that goal!!!

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