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Collections disappeared from my credit reports?


Collections disappeared from my credit reports?

About three years ago I had two medical bills turned over to collections, approx $100 and $180.  They have been on my reports ever since and I'm finally in the position where I can repay them.  Today I pull both my reports, TransUnion and Equifax and they are not on either?!  No refrence to them what-so-ever.  I double checked my copies form last year and they were there, with a drop off date of 2015.  


Any idea what happened?

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Re: Collections disappeared from my credit reports?

Probably sold to another CA.  I would keep a close eye on my CR and my mailbox.  Several CAs will just go ahead and delete when they sell the debt to another CA, that way they don't have the headache of having to deal with disputes and such.

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