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Collections on our transuion FICO

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Collections on our transuion FICO

We are working on our credit after our chapter 7 bancruptcy in 2009.  We have two medical collection ($75/Stern Assoc.; $90/ACS) from 2009.  Should I call these agencys and just pay them or are their better ways to solve these problems.   We currently have flagged accounts which are from the bancruptcy.  What can be done to help those?


Just one more question.  The bank with which we have our mortgage put a flag on the mortgage although we never made a late payment;  also we had an equity line of credit that we paid off with no late payments that was closed due to inactivity a year ago.  We currently tried to reopen it for a small loan to buy acreage to enhance the value of our property and were turned down due to bancruptcy.  Have any Suggestions?

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Re: Collections on our transuion FICO

For the medical collections, they are small.  I'd send a PFD for those.  You could try and GW the BK accounts that are reporting.  May not get anywhere, but worth a try.

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Re: Collections on our transuion FICO

Were the two accounts under collection included as discharged under the BK decree?

How are the accounts involved in the BK "flagged"?  Are they discharged, and their status has not been updated to show $0?



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