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Collections question.

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Collections question.

My wife was in an bad  accident in 2012 the lawyer we obtained sent her to get a MRI. The case eventually aged out and that was it. Fast forward to 9/2018 a collection was put on her credit and the date opened is 9/2018. We disputed the date as incorrect and Experian validated it. Will this debt from 2012 not age out until 2025? 

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Re: Collections question.

Have you sent a validation or HIPAA letter to the collection agency? It should be deleted 7 years after the date of first delinquency. 

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Re: Collections question.

Sounds like the new ca is trying to get you to pay before sol runs out....which (more than likely) is soon.  Check your states sol law. Does it show any other dates on there reflecting 2012, cause it should.  That new date is just probably when the new ca bought the old debt.  Check on Credit Karma, better yet, and I believe it's either TU or EQ that shows the date the debt will be removed from credit report.


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Re: Collections question.

I have a collection from 2013 thats just 3 months old as a collection but it will still fall off next year like its suppose to.

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Re: Collections question.

The reported Open date for a collection is the date that they received collection authority, either by assignment from another, or by their purchase of the debt.  It is unrelated to the date of first delinquency, and has NO effect on credit report exclusion of the collection.


Any collection, paid or unpaid, must become excluded no later than 7 years plus 180 days from the date of first delinquency on the debt.

See FCRA 605(c).

No other date resets the credit report exclusion date.


Whenever a collection is reported, the debt collector is separately required under FCRA 623(a)(5) to explicitly report the date of first delinquency to the CRA no later that 90 days after reporting their collection.

If the DOFD is not shown in your commercial credit report, it will usually be shown in your free report available at

That date, and that date alone, determines the credit report exclusion date.

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