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First, i LOVE this forum!! Y’all are awesome and I’ve been learning so much 😊
Ok, so I have 2 collections showing up ....
The first one is for $217 (Verizon) from 2015 and the second one is for $237 (progressive insurance) from 2014. What should I do with these? What will make the biggest impact? Pay them? Let them age off? Best way to get them deleted, if at all possible?
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Re: Collections

Are they on your reports under a collection agency or under the original creditor? If a CA, call the OCs and ask them to recall the debts for you to pay them directly. This forces the collection agencies to remove themselves from your reports.

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Re: Collections

The direct way to get a reported collection deleted is to offer a pay for deletion directly to the debt collector.

Paying a collection, even if paid to the creditor, does not result in any requirment to delete any other reporting.


The indirect procedure of requesting the creditor to recall the collection assignment, and then to pay the creditor, is an option if the debt collector wont agree to a PFD.

Contacting and paying the creditor does not per se require any deletion by the debt collector of their reported collection, and the creditor cannot agree to deletion of reporting made by the debt collector.

However, the CRAs have a non-statutory internal policy that is a debt collector has their collection authority terminated prior to payment of the debt, the debt collector should then report deletion of their collection.  That CRA policy is intended to prevent plural collections from simultaneously reporting on the same debt, and is not a requirment of the FCRA or FDCPA.


The key is getting the creditor to first terminate their assignment of collection authority before they accept payment of the debt from the consumer.  Many creditors are reluctant to terminate their assignment before any payment is received.

However, if agreement is reached directly with the debt collector, who has the right at any time to delete their own reporting, then you have a valid contract agreement for deletion directly from the only party who is authorized to make that deletion.


In summary, I would recommend the direct procedure of first making a PFD offer directly to the debt collector rather than first pursuing the around-the-barn process of pursuing deletion by making payment to the creditor.

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