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Comcast + CPA - best route?


Comcast + CPA - best route?



We are hoping to buy a house in the spring and I got a collections letter from CPA.  They stated that they hadn't reported to CR and that I should pay soon so that they do not.  I did a quick gut reaction and just paid it, out of fear, to prevent that from happening.  I have credit monitoring and nothing had reported.  Of course, a week after I pay, they report it.  Paid collection, zero balance.  I could cry.  My credit score has dropped 25 points.  This IS a valid debt, it slipped my mind, I forgot about the stupid cable box, and here I am.  


Too late to DV, too late to PFD.  GW is all I have, correct?  Where will I have better luck?  CPA?  Comcast?  Any specific route with Comcast?  BBB?  


I'm frustrated at the fact that I did the right thing by paying it and they STILL reported it after the fact.  I should have known better.  I'd have 200 more dollars in my bank account and the same credit score had I just let it be.  And maybe a shot at a PFD.


Any advice would be immensely appreciated.  I have no idea how this will change our ability to buy a home with a collection under 12 months old.

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Re: Comcast + CPA - best route?

Send a GW to whoever posted to your CR.  Get that thing going we' e got a house to buy!!!  Good Luck!

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Re: Comcast + CPA - best route?

I called Comcast, they told me to go to the local office.  From my readings on the nets, it seems like that won't be of use.  I guess it's worth a shot.


Does anyone have any contacts/email addresses at CPA?  If I send a GW to the main address, it probably won't even be opened. Smiley Sad   

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Re: Comcast + CPA - best route?

How did this go for you? Were you able to get it deleted? I sent a GW email to last week and got a call from their Executive Office this past Saturday. They said they wouldn't be able to delete because it wasn't their error, but would have CPA send me a letter stating that the debt has been PIF. That obviously won't do me any good, so I need a new approach... I've had no luck getting CPA to delete either. Before I paid them, the rep that I spoke assured me that her supervisor could delete it for me, but when she transferred me to her supervisor after the payment, I sat on hold for 2 hours and hung up. Maybe I could use that as some sort of leverage directly with CPA or BBB. Argh... Let me know if you had any luck!

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Re: Comcast + CPA - best route?



I had great success with BBB.  I was contacted by a rep, I explained the situation, and asked for their graciousness and a deletion.  They did - within days.  It can be done!  Stick with it.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Comcast + CPA - best route?

So there is hope! Smiley Happy I'll put something together right now! Thanks!

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