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Comcast Collection through CCS (Credit Collection Services)

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Comcast Collection through CCS (Credit Collection Services)

Looking for advice on the best way to get this removed from credit report.


The collection was issued in March of 2019 and paid a few months later over the phone to CCS. When I paid this I was under the assumption that it would be removed from my credit report. The amount was $57. I hadn't considered contacting Comcast directly and dealing with them first.


The delayed payment wasn't due to financial hardship but simply oversight due to change of address. I actually had and continue to have one other active account with Comcast as I had internet services at two locations.


I've reached out to CCS by phone who informed me that they aren't authorized by Comcast to have it removed, while Comcast over the phone said that they're not responsible and the collections agency is.


I've also visited a local comcast store and they've opened a ticket in their system to see if they can have it removed/resolved as my account is in good standing.


I've seen a few posts mentioning Good Will letters but I'm not sure where I'm supposed to send them exactly. Should I mail them directly to Comcast and CCS? Is email an option? Has anyone had luck disputing these with the credit bureaus?


Any guidance would be massively appreciated. I've started the mortgage shopping process and was surprised to find out that mortgage lenders not only use a different scoring model (FICO) than what Credit Karma reports (Vantage) but also they use an older version of the model that heavily weights collections in the score (I'm a new myfico user). Unfortunate that a $57 collection that is highly unrepresentative of my overall financial picture should have an effect of this proportion. 






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Re: Comcast Collection through CCS (Credit Collection Services)

You mail GW letters to the office of the CEO or President of the reporting creditor.

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