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Comcast Collection


Comcast Collection

I like like many others on this board had a problem with Comcast. Never received a final bill, no information of amount due upon return of equipment, remaining charges not charged to payment option on file, etc. In short I have a collection with CPA (Credit Protection Associates) for $70.22, after trying numerous time to deal with Comcast via PFD, phone calls, etc. I decided to just bite the bullet and pay, hoping paying with the OC would cease CAs involvement with the account. I just paid today, and realize it will take time for the balance to be updated. I received this via payment and wonder if this will suffice for getting the trade line eliminated, and what others did once balance was paid to Comcast for the collection to be deleted.


Beltway Region Collections Department

8029 Corporate Drive

Baltimore, Maryland 21236


August 8th, 2011


Name of Customer


City, State Zip

Cable Data/CSG Account#: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Collection Agency: (CPA) Credit Protection Agency


Dear Sir,


This letter is to notify you that your account XXXXXXXXX was closed on 2/09/2010 and the debt of $70.22 has been satisfied and paid with Comcast on 8/8/2011. This customer has not had any other account that needed to be satisfied. If you need further assistance regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us at (888) 810-6520 between the hours of 8am-9pm.



Comcast Collections Department Beltway Region


This does show the collection agency as CPA, but also states paid with Comcast. The refused to retract from the CA, and due to success of others I decided to go this route. Will this suffice as disputing as debt paid to OC, if not are my only options DV CMMMR until the remove?

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Re: Comcast Collection

What about sending the CA a direct dispute.Tell the CA to prove you paid them, if not then delete.


I've never send a direct dispute, but I'm sure you can find enough info here in the forums or google.Smiley Wink

Good Luck to you, and keep us informed.

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Re: Comcast Collection

I dv'd them for 6 months straight and they removed after threatening to file suit.

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Re: Comcast Collection

Updated: I have the credit monitoring service through USAA, and today CPA has been removed from my EQ but remain on TU, I expect it should fall of before my TU quarterly monitoring initiates another pull.


Seems like with the success of others contacting Comcast and paying directly to them is the way to go.

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Re: Comcast Collection

WTG!!!  Congrats.

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