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Commonwealth Financial

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Commonwealth Financial

Hi All,


Any advice would be helpful.  I am closing on April 25th and Commonwealth Financial has put a negative item on my report.  Has anyone had any luck with getting an item removed quickly?

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Re: Commonwealth Financial

Another bottom feeder, they know you cant close till you pay them and that is all they want, they dont want to stop your closing. I would just call them ask them to delete for payment most likely they will do so.

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Re: Commonwealth Financial

What ever happened with Commonwealth? They popped up on my credit a couple of months ago, I paid them for delete and as of yesterday they had popped back up on Transunion!! We are in the middle of building a house and they just cost me 30 points with TransUnion. I did send the pay for delete letter to Transunion yesterday showing a 0 balance and the deletion verbage. But I am afraid that this dispute wil lbe sitting on my report when we have to go to an underwriter in a week or so. 

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Re: Commonwealth Financial

I file a bbb complaint. It was removed within 2weeks.
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Re: Commonwealth Financial

+1 Make sure you upload the letter to the BBB.

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Re: Commonwealth Financial

If I'm not mistaken, I believe it is also illegal to reinsert on credit reports once it has been deleted and you can also dispute the reinsertion on that basis.  


I had this happen and uploaded old copies of my credit report:  First showing the collection, second showing the collection had been removed. The had removed the reinserted entry.


Though if you are closing on a house -- filing a dispute now probably isn't a good idea.


Good luck.

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