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Confused about DH's report.

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Confused about DH's report.

I've decided to take on DH's credit repair along w/my own and I'm confused on how things are reporting on his CR. He has VZW and AFNI on his reports. They are both in collections (under account desciption) with past due balances. However under account status they show 120+ days late but according to his report he has no accounts in collections. I pasted how it is reporting. Is this accurate?


Verizon Apr, 2012

Status as of Date opened [?] Date of last activity [?] Largest past balance [?] Account Type [?] Account holder [?] Industry
Apr, 2012
Oct, 2008
Feb, 2011
Open Account
Telephone Companies
Descriptions [?]
  • Collection account
  • Telecommunications/cellular

No contact information provided by Equifax

Balance [?] Current Status [?] Past Due Amount [?]
$629120+ days past due$629
Seven year payment history [?] 30 days late 60 days late 90+ days late
0 times
0 times
0 times
Worst Delinquency [?]
None Reported
The Worst Delinquency reports the worst missed payment status that has been documented on this account. Your FICO® score evaluates how recently that missed payment occurred and in general, the more recent, the more impact it has on your score. However, the fact that it occurred is still predictive of future payment risk and could be considered by your FICO® score

Starting Score: EQ ? TU 620 EX 566 (F)
Current Score: EQ 647, TU 641, EX? ??
Goal Score: 720

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