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Confused on who to pay


Re: Confused on who to pay

@Bbradford71 wrote:

I have seen others mention this on several occasions and would be worth your time to confirm, if in doubt reach out to the OC and verify that the CA has the authority to collect this debt on their behalf.


Then make your decision!

I’ll do that but I’m sure the CA has authority because they are listed on EQ and EX. Transunion is the only CRA who doesn’t list any of the CA for my accounts. They list OC on all of my remaining 3 collection accounts. I find it difficult to believe  that out of the 3 remaining none of the 3 CA has authority to collect. Thanks for your input and I’ll take your advice. 

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Re: Confused on who to pay

I have heard horror stories about CA's tactics, all they care about is getting paid, I would verify if it was me.

Experian: 571 | Equifax: 563 | TransUnion: 563

Experian: 591 | Equifax: 566 | TransUnion: 577
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