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Ok, I am truly confused!! I want to see my REAL Fico scores.. Where do I go to purchase these???  How much should they cost?


Also, looking to dispute some neg items on my credit report.. Should I call the company directly to negotiate?? Or should I send a dispute letter stating specific terms so that they will delete?? Or just dispute online or by mail?  I have lates.  Some are once, and some are consistent as in 120+ days.  HELP!!!!!

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Re: Confused!

You can get your FICO EQ here and one version of your TU score.  Can't get Ex anymore unless you belong to a certain CU in Pennsylvania.  Always try and deal with the OC directly before doing disputes with the CRAs.  Causes less problems that way.

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Re: Confused!

Right - pull your FICO scores here.  They come with very helpful tools and reports specific to your credit report that will help you tremendously in your rebuilding.


Disputes are helpful if something inaccurate is on your credit report.  Never dispute accurate information on your CR's.   We don't advocate doing so as it violates our Credit Repair Discussion Guidelines, Terms of Service, and User Guidelines that prohibit the promotion of certain types of credit repair.  


Negative items can be handled by PFD and GW letters - there's lots of great examples on this rebuilding your credit board.  And folks will chime in with advice if you post the specific information.  You'll get lots of helpful feedback here from a lot of knowledgeable folks.


Hope that helps!

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