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Conrad Credit Corporation?

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Conrad Credit Corporation?

Does anyone have any advise on how to deal with these people?  If anyone has had any run in's with this company, I would love to hear about them.  Every collection agency I have dealt with have been fairly easy to deal with.  Conrad, not so much....

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Re: Conrad Credit Corporation?

I currently have a problem with Conrad reaging an AMEX account from 2003. They're reporting it as a new debt with "Allied Consumer Services", with a date of first default of July 2010. I've never done business with a company with this title. The dollar amount matches up exactly with the AMEX account, which aged off my CR's in Jan. 2010, so I'm sure it's the same debt.


Conrad sent me a dunning letter in Nov. 2010. At that time, I considered Allied a debt buyer and the account time-barred, so I saw no need for debt validation. Now I've found this on my CR's listed as a new debt. Conrad hasn't attempted collection in any form, other than the Nov. 2010 letter.

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