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Contact info Audi Financial/VW Credit

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Contact info Audi Financial/VW Credit

Hello all,


What a wealth of information this site is! I've learned so much and do appreciate all the guidance/knowledge given. Question though? I have a couple of lates, years ago, from Audi Financial that I would love to goodwill. I have no idea as to who to contact. Anyone have any experience in doing so? I just need the contact info. I'm not familiar with the rules of this forum, if it's a problem posting the info maybe PM me. Thanks in advance for your time.


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Re: Contact info Audi Financial/VW Credit

Most of us always start sending GW's to the address listed on your CR (credit reports) first. Sometimes you have to send numerous GW's over time and in this case you would also start looking for other avenue's to pursue to send GW. Such as Managers, Supervisors, Presidents, CEO's, etc etc.. Good Luck

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