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Correcting a BIG error on my credit report

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Correcting a BIG error on my credit report

My question involves personal finance in the State of: CA

About 6 years ago, I was involved in a suit, in which my E and O insurance company dropped the ball and didn't defend me. As a result, I was hit with a default judgement for $1,000,000. I got the insurance company to do their job and the judgement was set aside. I have the judge's order for it. The suit went ahead and was settled out of court. Problem is, a release of judgement was never filed nor recorded.

Now, a release of judgement has been filed and recorded and I am in the process of trying to fix my credit. I am sending a letter, drafted by my loan officer, that says the $1,000,000 judgement has now been "paid in full". My concern is that was not really the case. It wasn't paid in full. It actually never existed. If I send something to the credit reporting agencies that says that, I may do further damage.

Should I be sending a letter just staing the judgement has been released?

What should I do?

Thanks to all who chime in.
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Re: Correcting a BIG error on my credit report

IMO, start with the courts showing that it was vacated...I believe that is what you will need in order to send to the CBs.

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