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Could my score go up 80 points..

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Could my score go up 80 points..



So the my fico simulator says if I pay off all my debt my score will be in the range of 706-746


I have a Ch7 discharged bk from Sept 2009


All accounts I have opened since Sept 2009 have been paid on time


My cards are maxed now and my EQ my fico score is now 626


Do you think if I pay everything off my score could easily go to 700 as the simulator pointed out?


Reason why I ask if my best friend is just at 698 and his bk is 9.5 yrs how can the simulator be correct in my case??

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Re: Could my score go up 80 points..

Very easily. Pay them off over 6 months or so and you'll see a nice boost.
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Re: Could my score go up 80 points..

While some believe the score simulator is "way" off as opposed to just "off", I think you can expect in the RANGE of the numbers it gives you provided NOTHING else changed. The simulator assumptions are based on y+x=z and don't account for ANY variables...a late, a new collection, a new inquiry, nothing. So follow as closely as you can. Everyone's score is unique and since the situations are unique, the increases and decreases really aren't predictable.

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