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Could use some help, gym collection..


Could use some help, gym collection..

Back in November my local chain gym, privately owned, told me I owed them for three non consecutive months. This was untrue, I owed them for the current month, November, only which I offered to pay on the spot. Long story short, they barred me from lifting there until I paid them $245.00- so I emailed the owner/ collection dept as I was told to by front desk, and asked to have my membership frozen until we resolved the payment dispute- this was my second attempt as I had called and left a message once before. Both were ignored. They threatened me with collection activities, which they did, I sent a DV letter to the " attorney " and never heard from them again. I walked in today and found they have been trying to charge me since November and now say I owe $400.00.. They are pretty well known for this kind of thing and have a revolving cast of clowns working the front desk due to people quitting or getting fired. At the time this started I was very aware of paying things off as I was unemployed and had to account for every dollar. My membership was month to month so I paid with cash. I have no trail to show payment and apparently either do they. I have been a member there for 12 yrs so I obviously have been paying my dues. Can anyone suggest a letter or course of action on this.. The BBB was my next thought..
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Re: Could use some help, gym collection..

anytime fitness did the EXACT same thing to me.  I had no contract and was on a month to month membership.  once I got my Chip debit card i got a new exp date and i never updated their billing.  I was also a member of a bigger gym.  I only used anytime fitness when i fealt like working out late late night as its 24 hours.  Anyways, fast forward 2 years and i get a message saying I owe 450.00...... How can i owe over 400 to a gym that was a month to month basis and why on earth would they keep trying to charge a card that they saw had an exd date that that was 2 years behind....   The owner is a nice lady but that  billing practice is SOOOOOOO SHADY!!!!.  I am not having to pay off the collection of 450 with the gym and they recalled their collection company they use and we signed a new agreement of payment so they dont put me back in collections.  


IMO, if youre like me and need the money but try and live by the " money comes and goes " mentality; pay the bill and save your credit.  Work with the gym and get and agreement in wiritting for paying the balance in payments so they cannot / wont put you back in collections.

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