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Credit Card Debt Restructuring?

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Credit Card Debt Restructuring?


I have talked to several companies about helping with consolidating my credit card debt.  Twice, the company has reccomended Debt Restucturing as the best possible resolution.


They say that this is not Debt Settlement but that the Credit Card companies already have programs in place to suspend my accounts and offer lower interest/payments.  These companies are offering to handle this for me and have me pay them one lump payment per month that is currently much lower than what I am paying now.


My question is....Is Debt Restructuring a legit solution and what is the overall impact to credit scores?

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Re: Credit Card Debt Restructuring?

You can call your credit card companies yourself and handle any request for any restructuring of terms of your account.


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Re: Credit Card Debt Restructuring?

Thanks for the reply


I just got off the phone with Capital One and was told they did't have any restructuring options.

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