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Credit One Success!

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Credit One Success!

I logged into credit karma this morning and noticed my FAKO went up by 18 points.  So, I then logged into my TU & Equifax credit monitoring and noticed that Credit One completely removed the account.  This was an account that was IIB, but was sold just prior to filing BK so it was reporting negatively on my CR.  Time to cancel the credit monitoring, save the money and sit back and watch my score go up...until it's time to apply for a mortgage!


Thank you, myFICO!  I couldn't have done it without this site!  I've learned so much and learn more all the time!

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Re: Credit One Success!

Awesome, congrats!

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Re: Credit One Success!

Fantastic, good job! Congrats.

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Re: Credit One Success!


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Re: Credit One Success!

congrats!  and thanks for you help!  Credit one called me yesterday and said they would be removing as well! 

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Re: Credit One Success!

My wife just had success with them too, and it's perfect timing since we're applying for a mortgage early next year and it was her last major delinquency (now she just has two 30 day lates from 5-6 years ago).  I know it's not FICO, but her vantagescore is 760 and credit karma shows 755.


Our situation was a little weird because her account was closed in 2005, but she made payments after it was closed so her DOFD was 2006.  Equifax/Experian were saying it would be removed next August.  We emailed Credit One to ask when it will be removed, since it was closed more than 7 years ago.  Sure enough, we checked this morning and the entry was gone!  I guess they were willing to delete based on the closing date, not based on the DOFD.

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Re: Credit One Success!


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