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Credit One closed my account for no reason?

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Re: Credit One closed my account for no reason?

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Companies and lenders will do a soft pull of your credit report every so often and if they see something that looks risky they may get proactive and start lowering limits or closing accounts. You can go to and get your full free report for each burea. In addition to showing you all the data on your reports it has a section that shows you who has done a soft pull for each bureau. I reccomend checking it out if you haven't. 

I do not need free credit reports.  I check my credit several times a week and have a paid subscription with Experian, which emails me live updates on all 3 of my credit reports.  I am fully aware of everything last thing that is on my credit reports and there is nothing that would cause ANY concern to any credit issuer.  I highly doubt they are doing random soft pulls.  My FICO scores are all in the low to mid 700s across the board with zero collections.

If you pull your free credit reports. You will see who soft pulled you. If Credit One is doing so, which I tend to believe. They may have seen something they dont like and that may have closed you down. Companies are always pulling your credit to see how your handling things. You asked for help. We'll give it.

I do a very thorough check of my credit reports at least 3 times per week.  I check EVERYTHING.  I check my paid Experian membership that shows all 3 bureaus and I also check Credit Karma simply for the contents of my credit reports (not for the scores).  There have been no recent inquires.  My last inquiry was back in June.  Also, I found out why they closed it.  According to my Chase credit monitoring, which sent me an alert today, it says:  "It looks like your CREDIT ONE BANK NA account was either settled on 11/17/2021 for less than the balance or closed because you haven't used it in awhile."


This makes absolutely NO sense.  I last used this card about 5-6 weeks ago and I have intentionally carried a small balance on it to keep it active.  I absolutely will be raising some serious hell about this on Monday.

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Re: Credit One closed my account for no reason?

Why raise hell? If they no longer want your money, with your scores get a better card to replace it. Heck, your record stays for 10 years helping your score, you lose an annual fee and high Apr card. Seems like a win to you! Luck!

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Re: Credit One closed my account for no reason?

I'll give it the ole college try. Please pull your annual credit reports which are the real deal. Look for any changes from the 3. It doesnt cost a cent. Theres a reason and even paid EX and surely CK and Chase which is Vantage not FICO may not show it.

Once you pull all 3. Look at the soft pulls and see when did C1 take a last look at you. Compare that to the close date. Then look at other accounts around that time. It will narrow it down. Closing it for no reason at all doesnt pass the smell test.

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Re: Credit One closed my account for no reason?

I have checked ALL inquires on multiple different credit reports.  Again, there is absolutely nothing from Credit One.   As I posted yesterday, they claim that they closed the card, claiming that I "have not used it in a while," which is complete and total hogwash.  

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Re: Credit One closed my account for no reason?

Have you tried the CreditOne forums for a better idea of what happened? Seems like your best bet at this point.

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