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Credit Protection Associates Email address

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Credit Protection Associates Email address

Can someone please pm this to me? I am in the middle of a transaction and they just popped up on my credit report, it dropped my score over 100 points. Many thanks in advance!!




Mike C.

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Re: Credit Protection Associates Email address

Same need.  


I have sent multiple certified mail inquires regarding this debt since April.  It's a debt from Bright House - I have never had an account with them.  I called Bright House back in August and they were unable to verify an account with the number I provided them listed on my credit report.  They found my name however my social didn't correspond with the name. And the account with my name is closed and doesn't even have a balance.  Since the account has a different SSN they cannot send me information.  Bright House told me I should call CPA however I have never spoken to a live person there, just prompted to send request for information through the mail which I have three times with no response.  


-2 debt validation/information requests April and August.

-Online dispute in August with Equifax - came back valid <?>

-I filed a complaint with BBB on 11/2/12 and the business has not yet responsed.  They are not BBB accredited however have a A+ rating.

-I sent my last request for proof/information of this debt 11/7/12 - no return receipt yet.

-I did a LIVE CHAT with Bright House 11/16/12 to reconfirm that they did not have an account with my name/social security # and the account that they do have with my name is closed and without a balance.  (I wanted something in writing - well as close as I could get)

-Submitted another dispute with Equifax


Now what?  Just wait?  Is there anything more I could do?  I'd love an email address to someone at CPA.  Everything I found on is no good.  This is my only negative on Equifax.  It's such a small balance but impacting my score.

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