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Credit Repair Advice


Credit Repair Advice

My husband and I are looking to finance a house ASAP (December 2013, preferably).


For his auto loan, he served as a cosigner to his father, who filed for BK last year. Apparently, the financing agency would not accept payment from my husband because a BK lawyer had been hired by his father. Currently, only EQ shows three months of 120+ late payments on this auto loan (It has now been paid off). TU and EX do not even show record of the auto loan.


My question...Do you believe my husband should try to dispute this to EQ, or would that be too much of a risk that it would then be reported to TU and EX?


The latest scores that were pulled: EQ 582 TU 680 EX 714


To improve his scores, he has also written GW letters for two 30 day lates from 2010, and we plan to pay off the balance of one of his credit cards (The others are already at $0).

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Credit Repair Advice

What is the current status of father's auto situation? Reaffirmed, repo'd?
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Re: Credit Repair Advice

I imagine it was reaffirmed...he still has the vehicle, and the loan has been completely paid off now.

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