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Credit Repair Discussion Guidelines, or "How to Get Your Posts Deleted"

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Credit Repair Discussion Guidelines, or "How to Get Your Posts Deleted"

Please read the "Credit Repair Discussion Guidelines" thread, which is linked below.  Posts that violate our Credit Repair Discussion Guidelines may lead to warnings in-thread and/or through PM, locking of threads, and/or removal of posts.  
Among our Guidelines is the following:  
The only credit repair discussions allowed in FICO Forums are ones that exchange information on how to correct or remove real errors from your credit report – not accurate information that you want to get rid of because it may be negatively affecting your credit score
The item above refers to filing disputes of information with the CRAs.   This includes the advocation of dispute processes as a means to obtain "Early Exclusion" of negative information from CRs.  Early Exclusion requests may be viewed as a GW request from a CRA (please note that TU may internally refer to a phone GW request as a "dispute," which is not the same as the dispute process).
Don't hesitate to PM one of the mods or admins if you have any questions about any of our rules.   We're here to help!
Thanks for contributing positively to the FICO Forums!

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