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Credit Repair dilemma

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Credit Repair dilemma

I just applied for a mortgage loan through a mortgage broker. I thought my credit would possibly get approval with a score of 645. I was told my school loan had 11 derogatory hits and most of them was my school loan that was deferred. I don't know how to correct that with NelNet. I had filed bankruptcy and lost my home in 02. Help I am 52 yr old and want my own home. I have a good job for the last 23 yr......... How can I correct this and get back on track?  Would a credit repair company fix this?

38 serious delinquency & public record or collection

18 Number of accounts with delinquency

21 amount past due to accounts (nelnet mostly)

14 length of time accounts have been established

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Re: Credit Repair dilemma

Maybe this is just my opinion, but I wouldnt go to a credit repair company. With research and hardwork, you should be able to do the repair yourself. There is so much helpful info and knowledgeable people on this site that would lead you in the right direction. Good Luck in your efforts...

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Re: Credit Repair dilemma

Credit repair companies cant "fix" anthing that was based on accurate reporting that you cannot do yourself.  They can take you money and give advice.  Maybe throw around a few GW letters, but you can do that yourself, with knowledgable help. 

My biggest concern in your mortgage process is not your FICO score.  While it may be important in the initial application process, and then in determining the rate you secure if the loan is approved, most mortgage lendors will require payment of outstanding, bad debt before final mortgage loan approval. 

I would be most concerned about outstanding debt.

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