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Credit Report????

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Re: Credit Report????

Keep in mind tho if they ask you if you have any outstanding debt and you say no they will find out when pulling your file. Thats why I tell everyone pay off your debt if it's yours!!!!!

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Re: Credit Report????

@ravens fan...I am in trouble too......But I can say that those debts are small compared to my student loans....if I can pay the small ones off first then I can move to the BIG students loansSmiley Indifferent

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Re: Credit Report????

Yes, a lender can ask for your entire credit file under the circumstances that DaBears noted.   However, it is rare that they will.  That is why you need to disclose any unpaid debt because you don't want to fib and it come back on you during a mortgage application.


If you never really paid attention to your credit until recently, there me be things you honestly don't know about.

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Re: Credit Report????

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