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Credit Score after paying collection


Credit Score after paying collection

First of all I want to say thanks to all thr people who help out here and answer all the questions. I think I read somewhere that back in 2009 or thereabouts it was inacted that once you pay off a collection account it will not hurt your score anymore than it already had. In the past paying the account would bring the date forward and then show activity. Can anyone confirm or deny this information?

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Re: Credit Score after paying collection

Hi and Welcome to the fourms,Smiley Wink


Yes you are correct, paying a CA will not effect your CS. 


If a CA will agree to a PFD Letter, that may improve your CS, just depends on the age of thedebt,YMMV.

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Re: Credit Score after paying collection

Thank you very much for the info. Almost all of my account that are collections are for 1 CA. I really have 5 CA with one company. I was hoping by having so many if i paid them in full they would agree for PFD. But I dont think they are gonna go for it. There are ones that even are past the SOL in my state and I would pay them in full as well. But we will see, I had another lady tell me that is "credit bartering" and that is illegal which IMO that is balogna.. Either way im trying to make a comeback!!! I have one collection from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 1 i think in 2010.

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Re: Credit Score after paying collection

Credit is bartering.  Lol.  There's nothing illegal about it.

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Re: Credit Score after paying collection

Try higher up the food chain.


I had a collection with a CA. They were also reporting a collection from a few years earlier that I had paid. My agreement with them was that I would pay in full the CURRENT collection, and in return they would delete the current account and the one from a few years back.


They agreed and both parties followed through.

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Re: Credit Score after paying collection

So far I have paid 4 medical collections today. One CA refused to delete but will send paid in full and update CRA. 1 has agreed to delete which i requested in writing and the other also said they would delete and send letter. Hopefully they follow through with this.

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Re: Credit Score after paying collection

Spoke with the CA that holds 5 of my accounts, The manager agreeded to remove them from my credit reports. He advised me to pay either by cashiers check or cash to them so speed up the process because he would hold a check for 14 days or so. At this point i have 7 collections that have agreeded to delete if they all follow through. I would have to imagine that if they do remove them my CS would go up by a little.

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Re: Credit Score after paying collection

I am so confused I just left my mortgage brokers office we had a collection tha had a dispute comment on it. He told us that we had to get the dispute off and settle the account. We did this and got them the letter saying that it was done. We are waiting on a rescore but he told us that paying the collection could cause my score to drop as it makes the activity date new. we are at a 644 now and need to stay above 640 to qualify for an FHA. We should know in a week what are scores are.  I am freaking out and hope you guys are right. Has anyone actually been through this and did your scores change.

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