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Credit clean up.

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Credit clean up.

In 2005 I went through a nasty break up with my girlfriend. Long story made short....She basically used my SSN to access online credit cards maxed them out however paid for them for three or four months out of our joint checking account at that time. I removed her from the account and I believe thats when she stopped paying on those cards. I never saw any statements until after she was gone. I paid all the cards off at around ($6000) some with settlements. Now if that wasnt bad enough....I also had a T-moble bill due of $1400 which went to collections and was the last item I needed to pay for. Back in 2006 T-mobile was on my credit report(all three) and was showing as a collection. However now after paying everying off and wanting to pay this last item...I can't find it anywhere! No collections showing for this..nothing being reported and its going on two years now....should I leave it alone?
Today I have 4 credit cards THAT I OPENED and payoff each month. My credit score has gone from the upper 400's back in 2005 to almost 700 today. I have worked very hard at cleaning my credit up to where it once was.. I just hope the t-mobile account wont come back and haunt me.
What do you think? Should I leave the T-mobile alone???
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Re: Credit clean up.

I'd suggest calling them to see if they own it. Last thing you want to happen is to pull your CR two years from now and find the likes of Midland reporting this.
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