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Credit dilemma


Credit dilemma

I need some advice on this issue. I have a credit score of 543 TU and 565 EQF. I have some revolving debt thats killing my score. I owe 3 CA(s) - $450, $1700 and $620. Thees are all revolving accounts and are more than two years old. When i disputed the amounts they renewed the debt as if they were receent. I disputed them because I disagreed with the balances but at this point I just want them off.


I want to know if offering a pay for deletion (in writing) to the CA will they be willing to remove this debt in exchange for payment (in writing). Does anyone know if this will work or not? I have paid eveyrthing on time since and paid off a car loan recently but it's not helping.


This is all I other balances are on my report and nothing else to pay on time.


What can I do to get my score to the mid 600's? If I paid them all in full, how long would it take to see my score increase?

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Re: Credit dilemma

Paying off a collection that remains on your CR has no impact at all to your score.  FICO sees a paid and unpaid collection as a collection.


It depends on the CA as to whether they will accept a PFD.  You won't know unless you try.


When you send a PFD, it is like a good will letter in asking for a favor, you pay if they delete. 

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Re: Credit dilemma

Only the debt collector can answer your question of willingness to delete based on payment of the debt.

All you can do is offer.


The hurdle you face is that many furnishers are unwilling to delete based on payment, as such deletion is stipulated by the CRAs in their credit reporting agreements as being improper basis for deletion.  However, that stipulation is toothless, as a party requesting deletion does not need to provide a reason.

Some will delete, others wont.

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Re: Credit dilemma

When I did the score simulator in MYFICO in stated that if I paid off the balances on my revolving accounts my score would increase dramatically.Is this simulator flawed?

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