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Credit rebuilt advice

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Credit rebuilt advice

Hi guys,
I made a bad investment back in 2017 and had to settle with four credit cards. I was working hard in 2018 to pay off my four settlements and two active credit cards. My final payment is scheduled for December 1st and I am going to be officially debt free.
The question is how to proceed with those delinquent accounts that are reflecting my credit history and keeping my score 544. I am preparing Pay-to-Delete Letters for all four of them (I know, I was supposed to negotiate them before I settle, stupid of me) and hope some of them will work out. I really appreciate you suggestions on what else I can do to improve my score sooner.
Chase 1              -      settled-less than full balance    -    settled with credit card
Chase 2              -      settled-less than full balance    -    settled with credit card
Citi 1                   -       cancelled by credit grantor       -     settled with credit card
Citi 2                   -       settled-less than full balance   -      settled with collections
Capital One       -        credit utilization 29%                 -      active
PNC Bank          -       credit utilization 29%                  -      active
Thank you!
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Re: Credit rebuilt advice

Tough spot. Two top banks and they aren't GW friendly. Use what you got and start the rebuild. In time you could apply for something else. But they're pretty fresh and the stinger hasnt been pulled out yet.It will be like starting all over again. One step at a time. Others may chime in with better advise.

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