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Credit repair near impossible?

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Credit repair near impossible?

So I've been working hard to repair my credit for 2 years now. I suffered a foreclosure in 2009 aswell as a auto repo. Also had a federal tax lien and a state tax lien and one judgement.  All pretty much at the same time. I do have some small medical collections Aswell. Since all this has happened I have established 3 auto loans ranging in the 10k range. They have all been paid on time and All but one is now paid in full. I also was able to get my federal tax lien removed .  My fico score is still at 525 even afterall this work. I'm feeling frustrated to the point that I wonder if there is even any reason to keep trying. It feels impossible to fix. Any advice as to what my next move should be? I've tried to get secured credit cards even orchard bank denied me. I am desparate for a way out of this and feel lost. 


By the way I have been using Lexington law for 8 months now and have had many items removed. 

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Re: Credit repair near impossible?

I would recomment 1st premier but the interest rate is crazy PIF I would also recommend going to a bank that has secured loans and make payments on time everytime if you paid the judgement try to get it vacated. Other than that time time time

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Re: Credit repair near impossible?

I would go to capital one and apply for a secured credit card.. then i would try US bank and apply for another secured credit card...use them.. make your payments on time and in 6 months to a year your score will boost.. Of course.. you have to keep working on your credit in other aspects.. keep trying to remove the baddies and soon you'll be back Smiley Happy its a harsh game buddy... if you give up it'll never get fixed so stay focused!!

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