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Credit utilization bump

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Re: Credit utilization bump

There is something about that "fine tuning".  Of course I had to try that in the past.  I found that my so called "sweet spot" is having one card show a 4% util with the others showing 0%.   And for some reason, if the card is my DiscoverIT, it gives me a 3 point boost over what Chase did.   Have no idea why, just did.  Smiley Wink

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Re: Credit utilization bump



40k auto loan hit today....NO CHANGE on eq score, still 689. 


So net affect of new persinal loan, paying off auto loan, and adding auto loan was net score change of (-5) 


total util is 85%-->58% currently and received 26 point boost for the 27%drop.


another 50% drop in util to total of 8% still yet to report so hopefully net will be >735 across the board and I'm gtg for a zero down mortgage!!


lastly, student loans officially consolidated today, but are in forebearance for a 2 month grace. Got emails from old holders my old loans are paid off . Doubt this will wit score before I apply but from what I've read is will boost score as 21 student loans will suddenly become paid off and I will be down to just one consolidated student loan.


anxiety is killing me waiting on last CCs to report!!!

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Re: Credit utilization bump


big cc updated. 9,339/10,000-->1,356/15,000
util down from 58% to 12%

score bumped ANOTHER 40 pts.

total eq bump is from 668 to 728 with dropping utilization from 85 percent to 12 percent, paying off a car loan, adding a car loan, adding an installment loan.

still waiting on the last 7 percent of credit utilization drop to report, which should hopefully bring me to 735. EX is also showing the identical information updates as eq, and has gone from 682 to 723, also should hopefully get to 735.

strangely, TransUnion has not updated either of the other cards. I checked with both creditors, they say they have reported. so I spoke with TransUnion and open dispute on both of them hopefully they should get the balance is corrected as they are still showing a 72 percent utilization intead of a 12 percent utilization....ala 60 points. should be >750 and then hello zero down mortgage!!
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Re: Credit utilization bump

thanks for the updates; this has been a fascinating thread to follow.  I begin my own utilization drop shortly, and inspired by this thread/experiment I may do a bit more deliberately in order to chart my changes incrementally.  

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Re: Credit utilization bump

Wow, this is awesome!! Keep it up!

Starting Score: TU527 EQ517 April 2012
Current Score: TU535 EQ540 May 2012
Current Score: TU631 EQ620 October 2012
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Re: Credit utilization bump



starting scores 682, 668, 706.  2/27/14

starting util on those reports 68%, 85%, 85%


paid off one auto loan, added one auto loan, added one personal loan.

increased credit limits and paid down balances to individual card utils of 0%, 8% and 9%


new reports show utils of 6% (ex) and 8% (eq and tu)

final scores 734 EX   736 EQ  751 TU

final lender (mortgage) fico04 classic pull   730, 736, 750


thats jumps of 52 points, 68 points and 45 points respecitvely.  also factor in a 8-10 point drop varying by report for the installment loan changes based on my individual reports along the way.   so averaging it all together and accounting for the installment loans........


my scores rose 0.88 poinbts for every 1.0% drop in util!!


thanks to all for their input.

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Re: Credit utilization bump

That is outstanding!  Congratulations!!



Year 2012: All Scores in the 520 range, during a foreclosure, CC Settlement and high UTIL. Very ugly days...
May 2018: EX8: 745; EQ8: 740; TU8: 798; FICO 9 Scores about 50 points higher
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My UTIL: Less than 1% - Only allow about $10 a month to report, on one account. .
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Re: Credit utilization bump

Sweet!! I need to hurry and get my util down. Awesome job!! Smiley Wink
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