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CreditKarma is killing me!

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Re: CreditKarma is killing me!

nicholasyud wrote:

Im asian . when i first got my insurance they check my report and i was like ...what my credit score and report gotta do with insurance rate ?? .....hmmmmmm first thought of my mind, i thought they racist or something but i was like if i dont paid my bill on time is that mean i can't drive ? or they just think im

^^^^^ THIS! LOL. Ur silly, nicholasyud

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Re: CreditKarma is killing me!

Credit karma sucks, there scores are not fico. Plus when you cancel, they say you cannot join again for 7 years. Bizarre.

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Re: CreditKarma is killing me!

a free way to monitor (possibly) daily changes to your TU does that suck? scores aside....

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Re: CreditKarma is killing me!

I hate the fact that my insurance is judged based on my credit. My reflection of my 2008 past deliquencies should have no recourse on my driving record especially when my husband and I have clean records since the day we have been driving.. And yes Shogun, in order to figure out the CK scoring range I think I need to go back to the DeMorgans Law of Negation in Logical Math.

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Re: CreditKarma is killing me!

Just wanted to add to the joke that is CreditKarma... I just used the 'score stimulator';  I updated the payment  factor to paying all of my bills on time for the next 24 months... and it showed my score as decreasing 18 points... nice.

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