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Creditor Lying to me about Goodwill Letter?

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Re: Creditor Lying to me about Goodwill Letter?

Apparently I am wasting my time trying to fight a two-day late.  I called Transunion today, and the barely English-speaking outsourced robot I spoke with informed me it is perfectly legal to report a two-day late as a thirty-day late.  SO WHY DON'T THEY CALL IT A TWO-DAY LATE INSTEAD OF A 30 DAY LATE IF THAT'S WHAT IT REALLY IS??  Robot had no explanation.  (What's really frustrating is my payment was due on a Sunday when Loan Shark place was closed.  I mailed the payment on a Friday, which should have been plenty of time since they are local.  Unfortunately, this was Labor Day weekend so the mail did not run until the following Tuesday.  Hence the two day late).  I quoted to the Transunion robot that according to The Credit Reporting Agency Guidelines book it is standard practice to report after 30 days, not two, but the robot did not have too much to say about that either.  There really needs to be a law against this!  If it's 30 days it's 30 days, not 2, 7, 12 or 15!  Consumer protection my a**.  Oh well, I guess I will continue chipping away.  Was at 644 in July now up to 668. 

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Re: Creditor Lying to me about Goodwill Letter?

I would consider trying out the new  CFPB  and see what they have to say about the accuracy of this.

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