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Crown Jeweler Reminder

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Re: Crown Jeweler Reminder

slyhouse08 wrote:
I heard...every 6 keep it active..and to keep your CL...if not...they will drop you down to a 500CL...and later will close your account...due to inactivity...

Oh greeeaaaaattttt I get to buy 2 over-priced items.  Smiley Indifferent
not that i'm really complaining all that much b/c much like the previous poster I think it's a small price to pay to zap my UTIL.  how long would you...or anyone else...suggest that one keeps this TL open?
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Re: Crown Jeweler Reminder

I too got this help my UTL...since I plan on buying a home in about the next six months...and a new car after I plan on keeping it...for about 12-18 months...
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