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Crown Jewelers

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Crown Jewelers

Does Crown Jewelers report to any CRAs? I'm using them as a rebuilding company.


I am very dissatisfied that they didn't send me a monthly statement and my bill is due this Saturday. Thankfully I remembered that a payment would probably be coming soon.


Is this how this company is?

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Re: Crown Jewelers

I have a USGOldCards account and they report my 4k line to Equifax. It was reporting to Experian but Experian pulled it for some reason. They answer emails quickly. THey said TransUnion was touring their offices and Experian should be reporting again shortly. I saw a big boost on my Equifax from adding it.  Have you heard anyting about OX publishing or Hutton Chase? I heard Hutton Chase reports to all 3 CRAs and OX reports to TransUnion for sure and maybe Equifax too.

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Re: Crown Jewelers

I believe crown jewelers  stopped reporting  a couple of years ago actually they were kicked  off the by the CRAs If i remember right. So I am not sure they are helping you

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Re: Crown Jewelers

I just had to ge a USGOLDCARD to boost my fico score .. Paid last month.. just got the card that I will NOT use. I wanted to know when they first posted on your credit file, how many points did your score jump  or was it over a lengthy amount of time ? I'm short about 15 points for a Mortgage and Home Depot cancelled our CREDIT Card after 6 yrs.. no lates.. no nothing! .. I needed the tradeline of credit so I was told to quickly apply for this one. I did in June.. got card yesterday and just need those little points. Of course I will not keep this after I obtain the mortgage.. sitting on pins and needles

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